Co-Curricular Activities

As part of the school’s efforts to deliver a holistic education, the school incorporated CCAs into curriculum time and designated Fridays as CCA Day.  The objectives of the CCA Day are to: 

  • provide opportunity for all pupils to participate in a CCA
  • leverage on SEL (Social-Emotional Learning) to provide for Character and Citizenship Education (CCE)
  • achieve depth and exposure in a CCA for Direct Schools Admission (DSA) after Primary 6 for entry into a Secondary School and
  • make school a fun and enjoyable experience for our pupils

All P3 to P6 students take part in a CCA in the first part of the morning, while the P1 and P2 students undergo the Programme for Active Learning (PAL).

The school offers a wide range of CCAs which include:

  • Sports & Games:  Floorball, Soccer, Sports Club, Taekwondo and Wushu
  • Performing Art Clubs: Drama Club, Guzheng, String Ensemble, Show Choir, Chinese Dance and Malay Dance
  • Visual Art Clubs: Art Club
  • Other Clubs & Societies: Enviro-Science Club, Robocomm Club, Video and Photo Production
  • Uniformed Group: Scouts

For enquiries on the school’s CCA programme, please email: