1) Calendar of Events for Term 4 – 2017
Parents are encouraged to visit the school calendar for events in Term 4-2017.  You may also wish to read End-of-Term 3 letter.

Our most recent letter is for all P6 Parents and Guardians on Secondary School Fair 2017 dated 16 October 2017.

Parents and guardians may read our previous letters to you by clicking on the links below:

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We are also pleased to launch Meridian Times – an e-publication to showcase students’ holistic learning experience through the various school programmes and communicate school’s direction and goals with key stakeholders.  Read more.

“Every parent a supportive partner” is an important piece of MOE’s key theme “Towards Student-Centric, Values-Driven Education”. It emphasises the importance of partnerships between schools and parents in bringing out the best in every child.  At Meridian, we regularly share resources for parents with education news, resources and tips.  The most recent sharing is as follow:

1) Fake or Real?
How can we help our children stay vigilant against fake news? By teaching them to spot it….  Read more.

2) Suicide Games and Online Media: What Should Parents Do?
You may have heard of the Blue Whale game and Thirteen Reasons Why (13RW), or them trending on your social media feed. Such content have been circulating and may negatively influence our children to view suicide as a viable way to deal with their problems, or even romanticise or glamourise the act of suicide.  Read more.

Sexuality Education (SEd) in schools is about enabling students to understand the physiological, social and emotional changes they experience as they mature, develop healthy and rewarding relationships including those with members of the opposite sex, and make wise, informed and responsible decisions on sexuality matters. Read more.