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Student Well-Being

Student Social and Emotional Well-Being

Year Head Team

In Meridian Primary, our three experienced Year Heads (YHs) work closely with class form teachers to pay closer attention to students' socio-emotional needs, including cultivating values, and providing counselling. Supported by the Assistant YH, each YH oversees to two levels and they follow the children to the next level throughout the six years that the children are in Meridian Primary. The close partnership between the YHs and the form teachers ensures that our students’ needs are better addressed and supported, as they are able to facilitate student-related programmes and activities that continues to strengthen the teacher-student relationship.

Our YHs coordinate teaching and level-based programmes by partnering with Heads of Department and other stakeholders. They also coordinate inter-level interactions that allow our students to care and support each other between levels. The Buddy Programme is an example of our Primary 4 students befriend and take care of the younger Primary 1 students. With such close collaboration, we are able to better care for and develop every students in Meridian Primary.

Counselling Support

Our Senior School Counsellor works with students, parents and school staff to support students’ mental health and social-emotional development through level programmes as well as group or individual counselling sessions. She also conducts specialised guidance programmes with at-risk students who need additional help in their social and emotional development.

Through counselling, students will be able to talk about and work through their challenges with the guidance of our Senior School Counsellor. Our students will be equipped with strategies or skills to help them cope with their situation, change their behavior, if necessary and consider the consequences of their actions. Therefore, it’s important that we provide early intervention for any of our students who are faced with behavioural, physical or mental health challenges.

Learning and Behavioural Support

Our two experienced Allied Educators (Learning and Behavioural Support) or AEDs (LBS) work closely to set up structures and processes to support our students with special needs. They provide learning and behavioural support to students with mild special educational needs like dyslexia, attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or mild ASD and sensory/physical impairments.

Our AEDs (LBS) help teachers to plan and adapt the curriculum to the learning needs of students with special needs, as well as work with MOE educational psychologists on assessment and intervention plans. They also provide individual attention and cater to other needs of the students, such as behavioural issues, social skills and so on.

While working closely and getting the right support from teachers and parents, our AEDs (LBS) are able to help create a safe environment for our students with special needs to learn and grow, with alongside the other students. Parents will be informed of intervention plans for their children and coached to support their children so that the strategies taught in school are further reinforced at home. Our experience has shown that when parents, teachers and AEDs LBS work together, there is greater likelihood of progress and success for our students.