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Discipline in Meridian

In Meridian, Discipline guides students on the rules, consequences and strategies to help them learn in a safe and conducive environment.

We are committed to remain inclusive for all, regardless of our children’s backgrounds, abilities and starting points. We understand that every child is learning and a precious work-in-progress. Thus, there will be times where they faced real challenges in managing themselves, their behaviour and in their relationships with others in their growing up journey. Therefore, we seek to educate and empower our students to learn positive behaviours, raise them with great values and develop social and emotional skills that would last them a lifetime.

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We support our teachers in managing a positive classroom environment conducive for learning and establishing strong meaningful relationships.

We engage parents to partners us in developing your child positively in all areas of his/her life.

Our School Rules

Our School Rules is designed to help every child understand their purpose in this Meridian family that they live in. Strongly guided by our Motto on To Learn, To Love, To Lead, it sets out to define their role to take the best care they possibly can, of themselves, others and what’s around them–

1. LEARN to take care of yourself 

2. LOVE and take care of those around you 

3. LEAD and take care of your surrounding

These 3 rules are guided by the Code of Conduct below which states clearly the boundaries of acceptable conduct in school and in society.

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