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*Photo taken in 2020


Every child an engaged learner of the Arts


To develop Meridians to become passionate and appreciative of the Arts.

Approach and Framework



Every child an active learner of Music

  • To provide opportunities for students to create music and learn different music skills.
  • To develop pupils’ awareness and appreciation of music

Key Programmes
  • Modular Music Programmes (Keyboard, Ukulele, Guitar)
  • iPad projects (Using iPad applications to create Music)
  • P1-P4 Music Creations Project
  • Music Express (Platform for students with music talents to perform on stage)
  • Meridian’s Got Talent
  • P1-P4 Music Days
P6 pupils playing different drum rhythmic patterns during the performance
Pupils learn how to create music using GarageBand

  • Students’ performance at National Gallery Singapore
Two students performed at the SG Rhapsodies Closing Concert

  • East Zone Music Warriors 2017 (Music Competition)
aesthetics-EZ-Music-Warrior-Competition-2017-720x540.jpgA group of Primary 4 students took part in the annual East Zone Music Warriors Competition at Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School on 27 March 2017 facilitated by a group of passionate music teachers.  The aim of the competition is to enthuse and develop students’ interest and appreciation towards music.  Our students had an enriching learning experience of making music and learning the different elements of music.  They were also gracious and cheered as the winning teams went on stage to receive their prizes.

  • P3 and P4 Modular Music Programme
Keyboard programme was conducted for all P3 and P4 students to equip them with basic keyboard skills. The lessons provide hands-on experience for students to learn basic piano skills such as finger positions, left hand chords, melody playing and the C Major scale.  The students thoroughly enjoyed the programme.

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aesthetics-4PA_b.jpg aesthetics-4PA.jpg

  • Music Creations Project 2017
Music Creations Project is organised for our Primary 1 to Primary 4 students every year. The music project requires students to create a musical instrument using recycled materials. We encourage our students to create this project with their parents so as to promote family bonding. Students are assigned a specific instrument to make:
  • Pri 1 – Shaker
  • Pri 2 – Drum
  • Pri 3 – Tambourine
  • Pri 4 – Chinese Drums
Take a look at the following videos on our students’ music creation processes!

  • Meridian’s Got Talent (MGT) 2019
Meridian’s Got Talent is an annual event organised for students to showcase their unique talents. The theme for MGT 2019 is "Friendship", and the event attracted overwhelming responses with over 40 auditions conducted.  7 groups made it to the finals and they put up commendable performances, a result of their passion, courage and diligence. All the finalists walked away with a winner's medal each, signifying they were all champions in their own rights.

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NG__8951.JPG NG__8953.JPG

  • Music Day for P1 and P2
P1 & P2 Music Day is a yearly event where our lower primary students are given the opportunity to perform as a class on stage. It is also an opportunity for our students to showcase the musical instruments that they have made as part of our Music Creations Project.

Each performance includes singing, movement and instrument-playing. Through each performance, we aim to develop listening and ensemble performance skills in our students. At the same time, students gain self-confidence through performing on stage. Through making music together as a class, our students learn to respect their peers, look out for visual cues from their music teachers, and feel a sense of identity to the class.

This July, our Primary 1 and Primary 2 pupils did an excellent job for each of their class performance.  This is all possible with the hard work of our students, as well as the dedication of our music teachers in facilitating practices during music lessons.




  •  Music Day for P3 and P4
P3 and P4 Music Day is a platform for our students to perform on stage together as a class. We hope to develop confidence in our students and ignite their passion for the performing arts. Through playing in an ensemble, which consists of different instruments and layers, students learn to understand the importance of teamwork and listening to one another on stage.




Visual Art

Every child an active learner of Art

  • To enable every child to be visually literate and to appreciate art through the Art curriculum and modular programmes
  • To develop students’ awareness of Art and express their creativity through Art activities in school

Key Programmes
  • Modular Art Programmes (Chinese Brush Painting, Batik Painting)



Modular Art (Batik Painting)

Modular Art (Chinese Painting)

  • Art Express
  • Art Club CCA
Art club memebers presenting their SYF Exhibition Artwork to the school

  • iPad projects (Using iPad applications to create Art)
Students learn how to draw scenery and animals using the iPad during art lessons

  • Art Express (Doodle Challenge)
  • SYF Art 2017 Exhibition
  • Exploring Ethnic Art forms

Performing Art

Every child a ‘Performer’

  • To enable pupils to develop the confidence to perform in front of an audience
  • To enable pupils to learn and acquire the skills and art of performing

Key Programmes

1.   CCAs
  • Chinese Dance
  • Malay Dance
  • Guzheng
  • Show Choir
  • String Ensemble
  • Drama Club

2.   Collaboration with stakeholders:
  • Pasir Ris Public Library (Meridian Arts Festival on 29/5/17 and 30/5/17)
  • Sing50 Fund
Performance at Pasir Ris Library 2016

Show Chair Performance @National Gallery Singapore 2016
For enquiries on the school’s Aesthetic Department, please email: