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Uniform Group


Scouts (For Boys and Girls)
The scouts is a vibrant CCA that creates many opportunities for students to learn skills and values. Some of the planned activities include the following:

  • The school collaborates with Park View Primary School to organise activities such as knotting.  The cub scouts from both schools would learn the different knotting that serve various purposes.  The unit’s consultant from The Singapore Scout Association would be invited to share on scouting skills with the students.
  • The cub scouts also work on the Young Aviator Badge programme which include a visit to the Paya Lebar Airbase.
  • Scouts Job Week help to instill and reinforce positive values especially the dignity of labour and the importance of honest work.  During the Job Week, the cub scouts would move  from one household to another to perform simple tasks for residents for charity.

The Meridian Cub Scouts is a vibrant CCA that creates many opportunities for students to learn life skills and important values. Some of our activities include the following:
  • One of the main highlights will be our annual March camp. The camp provides opportunities for our scouts to learn how to be independent and to work in harmony. During the March camp, the scouts are taught useful skills such as tent pitching, outdoor cooking, gardening and more. The highlight of the camp is a campfire where our scouts perform skits, play exciting games and sing their favourite songs. 
  • Apart from school-based activities, our scouts also visit interesting places such as the Singapore Changi Airport where we learnt about aviation, the Singapore Maritime Museum tour where we learnt about the maritime industry.
  • We participate in meaningful conservation campaigns such as the World Water Day, the Earth Day and even tried gardening at our national parks as part of our scouting efforts to save the environment.    ·        
  • In tune with our scouts’ promise to help the community, our cub scouts participate actively in service learning activities as such the food donation drive to help the needy, Good Deeds Campaign and our annual fund raising campaigns such as the Job Week where our scouts learn the importance of doing honest work and the dignity of labour.
  • Last but not least, our scouts will have the opportunity to demonstrate leadership skills by leading peers in group activities and taking part in the Sixers’ Training Camp. Cub Scouts with good leadership skills, will be encouraged to attain the Akela Award, the highest scouting award in primary schools. This award will be very useful during their DSA applications for secondary schools in the future.

For enquiries on the school’s Scouts CCA, please email: