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Sports & Games

The school offers the following CCAs in the Sports and Games category:


Team Meridian Floorball aims to develop not only the players’ skills and playing strategies, but also strongly believe in character building.  Through the training programme, we hope to grow every member to become a confident, flexible and resilient person.  At the same time, understand the importance of care, respect and teamwork.

In addition to the training during CCA Day on Fridays, the players also hone their floorball skills on every Monday between 3:30 pm and 5:00 pm.

Team Meridian Floorball takes part in the National Junior and Senior Tournaments every year to allow the players to have adequate exposure and competition experience.

For enquiries on the school’s Floorball CCA, please email:


Role Models, on and off the pitch

The Soccer CCA inculcates strong values and character through different activities.  Team games create bonds and build lasting friendships.  When the tide is against us, we will move on and never give up.  Values are not just caught in CCA Football.  We made the conscientious effort to teach them in meaningful ways.  Resilience. Teamwork. Respect. Responsibility. Perseverance.  We don’t just play Football. We breathe Football.




  • JR Participation in SPSSC Football Tournament
  • Participation in FAS U10 Football Fiesta
  • P3s and P4s Training Exposure under Tampines Rovers Coaches
  • P5s Developmental Training under D2D
  • U10 Temasek Youth Cup @ HYFA – 2nd
  • U12 Temasek Youth Cup @ HYFA – 2nd


  • Senior SPSCC Football Tournament - Participation
  • Junior SPSCC Football Tournament - Participation
  • U12 East Zone Sports Carnival - 3rd Position
  • U11 East Zone Sports Carnival - Participation
  • U12 HYFA Temasek Cup - Participation
  • U10 SPSCC-FAS Inter School Futsall Challenge - Quarter Finalists
  • U10 Junior Division Trials - 3rd Position
  • U11 FAS-SPSCC Fiesta - Participation  

Surprise visit by the Young Lions
sports-and-games-Soccer-1-720x405.jpgDevelopment training under the coaches from Tampines Rovers Football Club
For enquires on the school's Soccer CCA, please email:

Sports Club

The sports club is a modular CCA. It aims to expose students to a variety of sports starting including mini-tennis, modified basketball, badminton, and other recreational activities.  There will be other bonus sports activities to keep the students motivated to physically active and engaged in the club’s activities. From time to time, selected students will be given the platform to showcase their skills and abilities.

  • In-line skating
  • “Target game” to be revealed at a later date!

For enquiries on the school’s Sport Club CCA, please email:


Taekwondo which is recognized as one of the oldest form of martial arts in the world, is an effective weaponless art of self-defense that originated from Korean. Taekwondo is one of the two Asian martial arts included on the Olympic programme.

The Taekwondo Club at Meridian aims to build students’ physical fitness by designing a training programme which build up a good foundation for the students in both Taekwondo Sparring (Kyorugi) and Pattern (Sparring). Members get a chance to participate in competitions such as the Annual Inter-school Taekwondo Championship to gain experience and confidence.

Other than the technical skill of Taekwondo and Self-defense, students will more importantly learn life values such as respect and discipline through our training. Our training focuses on developing the character of a student in a fun and encouraging way as we strongly believe that good attitude and character will aid a child in his/her learning.  Students are reminded on the following for their CCA Day:

  • Full Taekwondo Uniform for existing members
  • PE uniform for new members
  • After CCA, our members are allowed to wear their Taekwondo pants and PE shirt for the rest of the school day.
  • Bring along your water bottle


1) National Primary Schools Taekwondo Championships 2017
  • Poomsae Category
    • Senior Division Red Belt (Individual) – Silver (Wee Zun Fong, Delaney P6RB)
    • Senior Division Green Belt (Individual) – Silver (Teo Zhi Hao P6PA)
    • Senior Division Green Belt (Individual) – Silver (Teo Zhi Hao P6PA)
    • Junior Division Green Belt (Team) – Bronze (Myra Effendy P5RB,  Chew Kai Xin Casey P5CA &  Rachel Chew P4PA,)

2) National Primary Schools Taekwondo Championships 2016
  • Poomsae Category
    • Senior Division Red Belt (Team) – Silver (Muhammad Hazim bin Abdul Malik P6CA, Mohammad Hairie bin Mohd Shah P6PA and John Nathaniel Tolentino P6CA)
    • Senior Division Blue Belt (Individual) – Bronze (Johanne Craig A. Jumangit P6CA)

  •  Kyorugi Category
    • Senior Division Boys Red Belt (Muhammad Hazim P6CA – Gold  and John Nathaniel P6CA – Bronze)

sports-and-games-TKD-1-720x440.jpg sports-and-games-TKD-3.jpg
sports-and-games-Compeition_TKD-3.jpg sports-and-games-Compeition_TKD-1.jpg

“Last year, I joined the competition and walked away with no medals. I learnt from the mistakes I made last year and try to give my best this year. Winning is only a bonus. We need to be committed in practicing and we can achieve together as a team.”
Casey Chew (P5CA)
Medalist, National Taekwondo Championship

For enquiries on the school’s Taekwondo CCA, please email: