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Performing Arts & Visual Arts

Visual and Performing Arts provide avenues and opportunities for students to find their interest and to develop themselves. The school offers a varied of CCAs in this category to allow them to deepen their interest and hone their skills.

Chinese Dance

The Chinese Dance CCA aims to teach students basic dance movements and techniques. It instills appreciation of dance, music and the beauty of Chinese cultural.  The CCA is an excellent platform for the students to develop their motor skills through dance movement.  It also builds the students’ self-confidence and inculcates values such as teamwork, cooperation and discipline in them.

Students are given the opportunities to take part in the SYF Arts Presentation as well as in various community performances.
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For enquiries on the school’s Chinese Dance CCA, please email:


Guzheng (古筝), is a Chinese musical instrument that has a history dating back to 500 B.C.  Playing the Guzheng is an excellent way to broaden pupils’ knowledge in the Chinese culture and history.

The  Guzheng CCA has performed in many school and external events. Through their participation in the CCA, students learn the technique of playing this ancient instrument expressively.  While doing so , they also learn the school values of teamwork and passion.

Accomplishment Award in the 2014 & 2016 SYF
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For enquiries on the school’s Guzheng CCA, please email:

Malay Dance

In the Malay Dance CCA, students are given opportunity to learn the basic steps in Malay Dance and exposure to different dance genre.  In the course, they build their self-confidence through stage racial performances, develop team spirit and encourage multi-racial participation.

The CCA also instills the students’ passion and appreciation of the performing arts.  It also helps the students to enhance their cultural awareness as they get to understand each other better and work with each other closer together to achieve the desired goals.


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For enquiries on the school’s Malay Dance CCA, please email:

Show Choir

The Show Choir CCA is about integrating coordinated modern dance choreography with strong vocal singing skills. Regardless of musical background, we welcome all students who are interested and provide a platform for them to discover and display their talents in Music, song, dance and leadership. We strive to nurture the passion and confidence for performing in our pupils by providing them with multiple opportunities both in and out of school.


In school performances
  • Chinese New Year celebrations
  • Racial Harmony Day
  • National Day
  • Teacher’s Day
  • Prize-giving ceremonies

Public performances
  • Pasir Ris Library during Meridian Performing Arts Festival
  • Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore as part of Values-In-Action
  • National Gallery as part of Sing50 event

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For enquiries on the school’s Show Choir CCA, please email:

Art Club

Students in the Art Club are given the opportunity to express their creativity through crafts work.  They are taught how to use recycled materials to produce beautiful crafts that be used.  Selected students also participate in the Singapore Youth Festival 2017 to hone their skills and talents.


As part of Racial Harmony Day Celebration in 2016, our students shared their learning with their peers from Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS).  It was a enriching experience for the students.

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For enquiries on the school’s Art Club CCA, please email: