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Clubs & Societies

The school offers the following CCAs in this category for our students as below:

Eco-Enviro Science Club 

Environmental Science (For Boys and Girls)
The Eco-enviro Science Club provides students the opportunity to learn Science through hands-on interaction. Students are exposed to topics such as environmental conservation, habitat reforestation and global warming. Students also get to learn topics such as friction, forces, magnetism and other topics which may or may not be in their Primary Science Syllabus. By exposing students to a wide range of Science topics, we believe that students will grow up to be one who enjoys learning Science and cares for the environment.

  • Annual Meridian Eco-bazaar (focusing on 3 ‘R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle)
  • Hydroponics planting (hi-tech farming)
  • Biomax machine (waste minimisation)
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Pupils in action doing Science experiments
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Outdoor Science exploration activities

For enquiries on the Eco-Enviro Science Club, please email:

Infocomm Technology (Computing) 

Infocomm Technology (Computing) (For Boys and Girls)

Infocomm Technology (Computing) aims to excite students about technology in an engaging and meaningful way by helping them to learn coding skills and to cultivate leadership and entrepreneurship capabilities at an early age.

Technology is a huge part of children’s life today. It is essential for students to learn how to design, develop and communicate with digital technology. Learning to code allow learners to learn computational thinking which enables them to develop cognitive skills and to learn logical and sequential thought processes. 


  • SCRATCH / Microbit Programming
  • Drone Programming
  • Robotics Programming (For advanced learners)
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RC 2.jpg

For enquiries on the school’s RoboComm CCA, please email:

Infocomm Technology (Media Production) 

Infocomm Technology (Media Production) (For Boys and Girls)
At the Photography & Videography Production CCA, students get to learn photography, videography and editing skills. Students are taught to use basic point & shoot cameras and DSLR cameras. Students also get to learn use software such as Corel Video Editor and Windows Movie Maker.

1.     SMDA (Singapore Media Digital Awards)
2.     National Primary Schools Photography Competition
3.     National Photography Festival (Primary Schools)

Junior Photographer Accreditation

For enquiries on the school’s Photography and Videography CCA, please email: