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Science Department

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*Photo taken in 2020


The Science Department’s vision is to develop young citizens who have a heart of care for their living environment.  Our students are motivated to learn more about Science, are curious and are able to use a repertoire of Science  process skills for making effective decisions.


The Science programme at Meridian takes direction from the Singapore’s Primary Science Syllabus.  The framework of the Science Department’s activities and programmes are represented by three round organic spheres, namely, Knowledge, Understanding and Application; Skills and processes; and Ethics and Attitudes.  Like molecules in life, these spheres are vibrant in the academic and non-academic areas at Meridian.


To provide our students with the:
  • experiences which build on their interest in and stimulate their curiousity about the environment we live in
  • scientific knowledge and concepts to help them understand the world around them
  • opportunities and platforms to develop skills, habits of mind and attitudes for scientific inquiry
  • view of appreciating how science and technology has influenced and affected our way of life

Multi-faceted and Multi-disciplinary Approach

  • Laboratory lessons
  • Practical and fieldwork
  • Projects and Show and Tell Sessions
  • IT-based lessons
  • Learning Journeys (including APBL trips)
  • Young Scientist Cards/Badges
  • Competitions and Quizzes (internal and external)
  • Science Practical Tests
  • Meridian Thrift Store
  • Sony Creative Toys Competition

Meridian Marine Eco-System

Learn more about the life cycle of plants with this video brought to you by the school’s Enviro-science committee.

For enquiries on the school’s Science Department, please email: