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Mathematics Department

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Passionate and Confident Maths Learners


To develop self-directed learners who are confident and show interest in Mathematics.


The Math Department aims at developing students who are confident and interested in Mathematics. Hence, the department goals are to enable students to:
  • acquire mathematical concepts & skills for everyday use
  • be self-directed in the learning of Mathematics
  • develop thinking, reasoning, communication, application & metacognitive skill

The central focus of our Mathematics learning is problem solving. This is as reflected in the Mathematics framework, which comprises of five interrelated components: concepts, skills, processes, attitudes and metacognition.

Excellence in mathematics anchors in problem solving, and through problem solving, students are developed into thinkers and problem solvers, who are independent, engaged, creative and critical.

Key Programmes

  • PLAYMath Programme
  • P3, 4, 5 and 6 Math Olympiad Programme
  • Math Learning Festival
  • Key External Competitions:
    • Temasek Primary Co-Space Math Robotics Challenge
    • Raffles World Math Contest
    • Chinese High Math Olympiad Competition
    • MOE Upper Pri Math Challenge
    • KooBits Portal Contest


 2nd Runner-up in the Temasek Primary Co-Space Challenge 2017

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Maths Play Programme in Term 1 (2017)


Maths Play Programme in Term 2 (2017)

For enquiries on the school’s Mathematics Department, please email: