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20th Anniversary

20th Anniversary Commemorative Gift 

"Grow a Veggie" Starter Kit

Meridian Primary turned 20 in 2020. To mark this significant milestone in our school’s history, our School Advisory Committee (SAC), has prepared several commemorative gifts for the staff and students of Meridian Primary and MK@Meridian. As part of our National Day celebrations, each student and staff will receive with a special edition plastic water bottle and a ‘Grow a Veggie’ Starter Kit.

With the ‘Grow a Veggie’ Starter Kits, our SAC members hope that our Meridian family can come together in building a sustainable environment for future generations. This is in line with the school’s Applied Learning Programme which aims to foster skills and competencies in our students and staff as a community that focuses on environmental sustainability in major aspects of everyday life, within the school and with our community.

We hope that parent/guardian can guide your child/ward in using the starter kit and spend time as a family to plant and nurture the seeds. The starter kit has all that you need to grow your vegetables. We have also prepared a video (found on the starter kit) to guide you along on the basic steps in using the starter kit. Do take photos of your child/ward growing or taking care of the vegetables and submit the photos to the respective form teachers. We hope to be able to share your family’s efforts with our community.

On behalf of the staff and students of Meridian Primary and MK@Meridian, I would like to say a big thank you to our SAC members for the care and strong support they are giving to the school. They put in much time and effort in selecting the gifts that would be useful for our students and hope that through the ‘Grow a Veggie’ Starter Kits, families can spend quality time together amidst the current pandemic.

Ms Liza Rahmat