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This is what I (Miss Deborah Han), the School Counsellor at Meridian does on a typical day in school.  Check out the photos below to understand what goes on in Counselling in this school.
Welcome to the Counselling Room! It is like another secret room inside the Rainbow Room.  This is how the room looks like.
Here are some drawings done by some Meridian students in my counselling sessions.
This is where the student and I sit in counselling. Sometimes we will also sit on the floor to talk if is more comfortable for the student.
Meet my “friends” and check out the toys and games I use sometimes in sessions!
Mickey Mouse is seeing me for counselling today.
This is how it looks like in a typical counselling session.
This is my work station. I will research on the computer or call up parents to update/discuss about their children. I also plan my sessions here.counselling-pic9-768x1024.jpg
Counselling Mashi Maro with lego bricks and drawings!

The students’ favourite! Toys, books, games, puzzles, symbols, play dough, lego, art and craft… things I use in Counselling.  Apart from these, I conduct conferencing sessions with teachers, parents. We discuss how to help each student. Recess and lunch breaks are interaction opportunities for me to help students with their problems.

Feel free to look for me in school at the Rainbow Room or drop me an email.