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The Teacher Leaders



At Meridian Primary, we strongly believe that all children can learn, regardless of their needs, background and starting point.

Armed with a suite of teaching pedagogies and the genuine desire to help others grow stronger professionally, the Senior Teachers of Meridian Primary are at the forefront of our school’s teaching and learning.

With a collective wealth of over 60 years of teaching experience of students from various profiles and backgrounds, our Senior Teachers role models and lead in the professional development of our teachers.


Mdm Mastura Ya’acob, our Senior Teacher in Mathematics is a strong believer that all students can experience success. Together with the team of Mathematics teachers, she leads in using innovative practices to help students remember Mathematics concepts through various strategies.


Mdm Tang Li Hwa, our Senior Teacher in Chinese Language makes the learning of Mother Tongue exciting for her students. She leads her team of Mother Tongue teachers to explore the use of technology to arouse students’ interest in learning the language.


Mdm Nurizan Abdul Wahab, our Senior Teacher in Science spearheaded the use of diagnostic worksheet to assess students’ learning. She leads the team of Science teachers in guiding their students to answer open-ended Science questions effectively with CER (Claim-Evidence-Reasoning) strategies.

When the school embarked on its Differentiated Instructions (DI) journey last year, these ladies anchored the training and led discussions on the use of DI in the classrooms. They shared their own DI lessons and role-modelled on how teachers could reflect and improve on their classroom practice. Other than training, our Senior Teachers also play a key role in mentoring other teachers and guide them towards successful classroom practices.

With the commitment to inspire the growth of our teachers and our children, our Senior Teachers strive to put their best foot forward to keep learning, reflecting and sharing to better themselves for others. #MPSUnited

‘Wonders Work with Team Meridian’ is a series of FB posts where we share the work and education philosophy of the different groups of people supporting to raise the children.

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