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The Students' Champions



At Meridian Primary, we empower our children to grow holistically where character growth and academics learning go hand in hand.

With a collective wealth of knowledge, experience and fresh ideas, the Meridian Primary Student Development Team (SDT) leads the teachers in championing the growth of every Meridian throughout their 6 years with us. This team of 6 makes keen observations of the children’s needs and design experiences to boost their strengths and grow their character, working tightly with teachers, parents and the community.




Mdm Chou, Mr Tay, Mrs Lee and Mdm Tang, our Year Heads (YHs) and Assistant Year Head (AYH), journey with the children through their 6 years with us. Each Year Head starts out with a Primary 1 cohort and follows them up through the years till they graduate. Every cohort is different and the Year Heads made it a point to know them well and reach out to every child in the level. They spend recess interacting with the children and every week, a dedicated time to meet level teachers to discuss the progress and needs of the level. They also lead the teachers to grow in their ability to manage and guide the children through professional reading and discussion on books such as Mindset by Dr Carol S. Dwell and You Can’t Teach Through a Rat by Dr Marvin Berkowitz. They are committed to the children’s learning experience and help them build strong and meaningful relationships.


Ms Han Zi Rui, our Head of Department (HOD) Student Management, works closely with the YH, SH(CCE) and teachers to build a climate of respect through discipline. She believes that every child is precious and it is most important to help them feel safe and belonged to the Meridian family. She also works closely with the teachers and community to train and develop every child’s leadership potential and help them find purpose in making a positive difference through Values-in-Actions (VIA) and leadership opportunities.


Mrs Stephanie Lim, our Subject Head (SH) for Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) shapes our children’s learning experiences to instill values and develop them to become responsible members of society. Through shared experiences such as National Day Celebrations and Racial Harmony Day, our children embrace the roles they play in the community as well as in Singapore. She also heads the Social Skills programme in Meridian where children learn the steps to manage themselves, their relationships and to be prepared and ready to learn everyday.

Over the years, this team of 6 from the Student Development Team stays steadfast in their commitment to work together with teachers, parents and community to weave and knit a quality Meridian Experience for all our children.#MPSUnited


‘Wonders Work with Team Meridian’ is a series of FB posts where we share the wonderful work and education philosophy of the different groups of people supporting to raise the children.

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