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The School Leaders



At Meridian Primary School, we are guided by a strong culture of care and inclusiveness in all that we do. It is our philosophy that every child matters, they can learn and should have the opportunity to shine regardless of their starting point. This has been the shared belief for all the principals since the beginning of the school’s journey in 2000.

With a collective leadership experience of over 45 years across Primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels, the School Leaders in Meridian Primary harness wisdom from their vast and rich experience as they lead the school.




Ms Liza Rahmat, our Principal, is well supported by Dr Lau Hock Soon, our Vice-Principal who looks into the academic areas and Mr David Wang, our Vice-Principal (Admin) who oversees administrative, finance and operations. The three work as a cohesive team to facilitate the smooth running of Meridian Primary. More than just school administrators, the School Leaders make time to reach out to every child, empower every staff and partner every parent so that they can provide for a quality Meridian experience.

The School Leaders are committed to building a positive classroom and school culture that will enable our children to learn well and find their joy in learning. The school has consistently place emphasis on the need for our children to have strong academic rigour while we uplift those who require additional support. The School Leaders also believe in investing in our teachers’ professional growth and thus, our teachers embarked on a professional journey in Differentiated Instructions (DI), which empower them to create classrooms that cater to the diverse needs of learners and provide opportunities for our children to pursue their passion and interests.

The School Leaders are immensely grateful for the supportive parents and community partners that we have at Meridian Primary. Parents who partner us in their children’s education journey and those who go beyond to support the other children in the school - these are the wonderful Mummies and Daddies in the Parent Support Group (PSG). We are also encouraged by our Alumni who are keen to serve and give back to the school as well as the School Advisory Committee (SAC) who makes time and effort to support the school. We are truly humbled by the many hands that come together for our children.

With a grateful heart and a strong commitment, the School Leaders lead Meridian Primary to greater heights and champion every Meridian to find their own rainbow.


‘Wonders Work with Team Meridian’ is a series of FB posts where we share the wonderful work and education philosophy of the different groups of people supporting to raise the children.

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