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The Guidance Angels



At Meridian Primary, we embrace that children join the Meridian family at varying starting points.

With a collective experience of more than 35 years in their roles, our Allied Educators (AEDs) make a big difference to uplift the lives and learning abilities of our children right from the start of their primary school journey. Teaming closely with our teachers, parents and external agencies, they lend expert support in guiding children to boost their learning and self-confidence.



Mdm Sharifah and Mdm Kong, our AEDs in Learning and Behaviourial Support, work closely to provide the extra guidance to those who needs a little more help. To them, each child is different and they seek to understand and connect with the child first. While visual cue cards, counters, timers and games are the necessary props, they work on customised strategies and spend dedicated time to help each of them learn better.


Ms Deborah, our Senior School Counsellor is a key support to our children’s mental health and social-emotional development. From assembly talks to being a committed listener, she goes to great length to reach out to the children and work closely with their families, teachers and agencies.

For these three ladies, work does not stop when the children graduate from Meridian Primary. They continue to support their transition into secondary schools with fellow AEDs there. We are proud of their dedication, heart work and the key role they play in Team Meridian. #MPSUnited


‘Wonders Work with Team Meridian’ is a series of FB posts where we share the wonderful work and education philosophy of the different groups of people supporting to raise the children.

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