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The Curriculum Leaders

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At Meridian Primary, we make learning fun and meaningful. It is our philosophy that every child can learn and every child can succeed. Regardless of starting points, we empower them to stay curious, ask questions and build a love for learning.
With a rich collective teaching experience of over a century, the curriculum leaders of Meridian Primary lead the teachers to create purposeful teaching and learning experiences in their respective subjects. With a clear sense of mission, they lead their teams to design beyond classroom learning spaces, exciting instructional programmes and engaging activities to make learning come to life for the children.
Together, they create the Meridian Learning Experience for every child.
Over the years, the Instructional Programmes (IP) Heads work closely to design and craft amazing learning experiences for all Meridians. Even with the challenges of the current pandemic, our Curriculum Leaders continue to remain steadfast, resilient and innovative, as they ensure learning continues in a safe and meaningful manner for all Meridians. #MPSUnited
‘Wonders Work with Team Meridian’ is a series of FB posts where we share the wonderful work and education philosophy of the different groups of people supporting to raise the children.

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Ms Charlotte Neo, our Head of Department for English Language, believes strongly in cultivating students’ love for the language, and in developing effective communicators. The department provides platforms for students to acquire and hone their language skills through the STELLAR curriculum, Literature Appreciation Programme, Magic Mondays, National competitions and various library programmes. The various school-curated programmes expose students to multi-cultural literature like ‘Sing to the Dawn’ by Minfong Ho, ‘The Boy Who Harness the Wind’ by Willian K. and Bryan M. and the literary works of local writers. Through various school wide presentations like Magic Mondays, students get to do research on contemporary issues from urban living, farming to food science etc., and present them to the school during morning assembly.

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Mdm Anna Lim, our Head of Department for Mother Tongue Languages (MTL) and Mdm Nor Fardilah, our Subject Head for Malay Language (Covering) lead their teachers to make the learning of MTL a joyful experience for the students. To nurture a love for the MTL language, the duo and their team plan exciting programmes where Meridians learn to appreciate the different cultures and build their language skills. Silat, puppet show and making of Kolam drawings were some of these fun activities the students did to learn about our diverse culture and use their MTL languages in an immersive environment during Mother Tongue Fortnight programme. To mimic real life situations where Meridians practise their MTL, the team also created many interactive adventures in the MTL Secret Garden- a room designed with mushroom stools, colourful tables and tall trees for learning of the language to come alive. In this space, many learning activities such as Shopping Day and Aspiration Day took place for the students to converse and interact in supermarket and career fair set-ups. Such authentic learning experiences are some of the ways the department shows Meridians on the adventure and possibilities that learning MTL can bring.

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Mr Frankie Wong, our Head of Department for Mathemetics leads his team to develop passionate learners and confident problem solvers through the subject. He firmly believes in equipping the students with math concepts and skills that are relevant for everyday use. Meridians always look forward to the Maths Play Programme where they get to design games to build their peers’ numeracy and thinking skills. They are also encouraged to work on the different self-directed Math activities to earn The Young Meridian Mathematician badge to apply Mathematics in their daily lives. To stretch the potential of our Math learners and empower them to develop positive values and attitudes in problem solving, the department provides the Math Olympiad Programme and E2K trainings as well as exposed students to external competitions.

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Mr Clarence Low, our Head of Department for Science, together with Mdm NoorHafidzah, our Level Head for Science lead their team to create exciting outdoor learning spaces to intrigue students’ curiosity to the environment around them. From Permaculture Garden, Hydroponics System to Mangrove Habitat, the team built lively and vibrant green spaces to bring learning outside the classrooms. Empowering Meridians to care for the environment is also a key part of the department’s vision. The department works with community partners to expose the students to the concept of waste minimisation and eco-friendly practices through programmes like No Plastic Waste Day, Clean Plate Campaign and initiatives by Ugly Food. These activities promote deeper awareness of environmental stewardship among Meridians and guide them towards building a sustainable future.
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Miss Tan Shi Ying, our Subject Head for Aesthetics leads her team in nurturing Meridians to appreciate and love learning of the Arts. A firm believer of how the wonders of Arts can enrich the students’ lives, the department teachers expose Meridians to a wide-range of local and international music and art practices. From African folk songs, the works of Pop Art movement to local musicians and artists, Meridians love the rich learning in and beyond their classes. Art and Music Express are one of the highlights for them as they tuned in to interesting artistic expressions such as beatboxing, 3D Art drawings and more. Ukelele, Chinese drums, keyboards and guitars are some of the basic instruments Meridians learn in their Music classes. They are also empowered to create their own music using GarageBand. Batik, Chinese Painting, Sculpting and Pop Up books- Meridians have the opportunities to appreciate and try out a diverse range of art forms. The department also provides opportunities for students to shine through our participation in the SYF as well as public showcases at the National Gallery and the Pasir Ris Public Library.