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School Policy & Practice On Assessment Matters

In supporting the learning and development of your child/ward, the school is committed in assessing our students holistically and has put in place modes of assessment which are varied and progressive.  From Primary 1 to Primary 6, your child/ward will be receiving feedback and information on his/her learning progress.  Different subjects may include different elements in their assessment for each component, for instance, Bite-sized Assessment for English Language may be Oral Communications and Listening Comprehension tests, while for Mathematics, Topical Tests are conducted.    

Following the adjustments to nation-wide assessment mode, from 2020, mid-year  examinations would be removed for Primary 3 and Primary 5. Teachers will continue to leverage on assessments to check for students' understanding, and provide timely feedback to improve learning. More information on reporting students' learning progress in the report book (Holistic Development Profile) will be shared at a later date.

Please contact Ms Charlotte Neo at Tel:  6583 2125 Ext. 108 or email her at neo_jia_hwee@moe.edu.sg if you require any clarifications.

School Policy & Practice On Assessment Matters

We would like to draw the attention of parents and guardians of our students on the school’s exam policy and assessment practices.

1. Absence from Weighted Assessments

There will be no make-up assessments for students who are absent for any weighted assessments.

The results for any absentees for the whole year will be calculated based on those assessments they have taken in the year. Absentees for any of the weighted school assessments will not be qualified for the year-end academic award, as their final results would be a prorated one. To ensure fairness, only students who have sat for ALL the assessments for the year will be eligible for the academic award.


Students who are absent due to any illness for any of the assessments need to submit a valid Medical Certificate (MC) upon their return to school. Letters by parents are not acceptable as the school needs official MCs issued by registered medical doctor so as to maintain fairness and consistency to all. Consistent to the government’s practice, MCs issued by TCM practitioners are currently not acceptable.


Once a valid MC is submitted timely to the form teacher, a Valid Reason (‘VR’) will be reflected in his/her result slip.


No mark will be awarded to the student if he/she is absent from any assessment without a valid MC.


As part of the school’s effort to support students’ learning, absentees will be allowed to complete the papers after they have recovered. They will hand in the completed papers to their subject teachers for marking. However, marks will not be included in the overall mark computation.


In the interest of the students’ health and safety, we appeal to parents/guardians not to send their children/wards to school for any assessments when they are still covered under Medical Leave. Our consistent message to all students is: Health and Safety comes first.

 2. Late without a Valid Reason

Students will not be allowed to take the assessment if they are

·         late for more than 15 mins for papers with duration of 1 hour or less, or

·         late for more than 30 mins for papers with duration of more than 1 hour.

Students who are late will not be given extra time to complete the assessment.

3. Cheating and Misconduct during Assessment

Cheating or attempting to cheat is a serious offence and disciplinary action will be taken against offenders.

If students are caught cheating or attempting to cheat, they will not be allowed to continue the assessment and the assessment results may be deemed invalid.

4. Conduct Grades

The school believes in the holistic all-rounded development of character, body and mind for every Meridian. Students whose conduct grade is below ‘very good’, will not be allowed to receive their awards on stage. 

5. Use of Stationery for all P6 Assessment

Optical Answer Sheet (OAS)

Students should use a 2B pencil to shade answers on the OAS. The oval needs to be shaded completely and firmly.

Answering Booklet

·     Students should write their answers clearly in blue / black ballpoint pen with 0.5mm tip size. If students need to change their answers, they need to cross the original answers out in ink and re-write the answers. Students should not write the answers in pencil as the responses may appeared too faint for marking.

·    Students should not use correction fluid / tape in the examinations as it may affect the legibility of the answers.

·    Students should not use highlighters to highlight any part of their answers as this may affect the legibility of the answers.  

6. Attire for Semestral Assessment, Preliminary Examintation and PSLE

Students are to be properly attired in full school uniform for Semestral Assessment and PSLE.

7. Use of Dictionaries for P5 and P6 Mother Tongue Composition

P5 and P6 students are allowed to use a dictionary for the Mother Tongue, Higher Mother Tongue and Non-Tamil Indian Languages (NTIL) Paper 1 (Composition). 

Please refer to the following website for the list of approved dictionaries: https://go.gov.sg/approveddict.

8. List of Approved Scientific Calculators for P5 Mathematics Paper 2

Students are allowed to use an electronic calculator for Mathematics/Foundation Mathematics Paper 2 in P5 and P6. You may refer to the website, tinyurl.com/approvedCalculator, for the list of approved scientific calculator models.