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School Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Future Learners, Future Citizens, Future Leaders

Meridian Primary is committed to providing a quality education that is well poised beyond the six years of primary education for the future of our students. Our school’s vision ‘Future Learners, Future Citizens, Future Leaders’ reflects the evolving educational landscape vis-à-vis a fast-changing VUCA world towards the 21st century.

Our vision is future-oriented and it underpins the holistic education that the school provides to better prepare our students to thrive in the 21st century. The future roles that a Singaporean needs to undertake, be it as a learner, a citizen or a leader, form the core of our vision. With this, our vision constantly takes bearing from the evolving factors in the horizon in anticipation of a different future for our students and nation. The school continues to refine and adjust its approaches accordingly so as to remain agile and relevant always.

Our Mission

To provide a quality educational experience that maximises the potential of all pupils
through the delivery of a holistic student-centric curriculum
anchored in values, safety, health, continuous improvement
and collaborative partnership with all stakeholders.