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School Motto & Values

Our Motto

Our motto “To Learn, To Love, To Lead” broadly defines the key domains of what we uphold and emphasize as a school towards our vision of “Future Learners, Future Citizens, Future Leaders”. It aligns well with MOE’s “Head, Heart & Hands” approach as well as the teachers’ vision of “Lead, Care, Inspire”. It is about our thinking (reflections), our feelings (emotions) as well as our actions (deeds). It governs what we do as a school towards our vision.

Our motto undergirds what we emphasize as a school. It is our guide in what we do in Meridian: may it be academic learning, character molding or personal leadership.

Our Values

There are altogether 6 School Values namely:

· Passion · Responsibility · Care · Respect ·  Integrity · Teamwork ·

They can be seen as 3 sets in which each set supports one aspect the school motto of “To Learn”, “To Love” and “To Lead”. With this alignment, the school motivates itself in moving towards its vision of  nurturing “Future Learners”, “Future Citizens” as well as “Future Leaders”