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Principal's Message

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2020 is a special year for us at Meridian Primary. Twenty years ago, we started as a school with humble beginnings at the former Coral Primary under the leadership of the first Principal, Mr Eric Lim. On 4 December 2000, the school moved to our present location and since, have grown from strength to strength to where we are today. 

Though the school been under the leadership of three other Principals, our core belief has not changed since we started. In Meridian Primary, we strive to provide a holistic all-rounded development of character, body and mind for every Meridian and we are guided by our school motto ‘To Learn, To Love and To Lead’.  
To commemorate this special year, our HOD Student Management, Ms Han Zi Rui, designed a 20th Anniversary logo that adapts the iconic globe from the school crest into a tree to mark the school’s steady growth over the past two decades. We celebrate the many children that have passed through our hands and this year, we hope to capture their unique Meridian Stories that encapsulate their experiences, memories and friendship through the years.  2020.jpg

We have planned a variety of exciting activities which include our very own in-house musical and a sports carnival for Meridian Games Day. The school is also setting up its Heritage Gallery with the intent to capture our past history and achievement for the future generation of Meridians.

As we celebrate our achievement through the years, we continue to focus on our present. My team and I are committed to making Meridian Primary a school that is inclusive for all, regardless of our children’s backgrounds and abilities. Last year, the staff went through a re-envisioning exercise to look at our school’s Vision, Mission and Values to ensure their relevance to our students in current times. As a school, we have decided to refresh our school values and include the value of RESILIENCE. Together with the other values, namely Respect, Responsibility, Care, Teamwork and Integrity, these six values provide a strong foundation for our students.

As a school, we will continue to provide a safe and conducive environment where every Meridian has the opportunity to learn, grow and flourish. In the past few years, we have focused, and will continue to focus on providing strong academic rigor to meet the needs of our students without compromising on their joy of learning. Our efforts are paying off as we have seen significant improvements in our students’ academic performance in English, Mathematics, Science and Mother Tongue Languages. For our 2019 P6 cohort, I am proud of each and every one of them as they worked hard and gave their very best. All our students are now continuing their studies in Secondary Schools. What we have achieved as a school is also due to the tremendous support and encouragement received from our parents.

Let’s look forward to an exciting 2020 as we continue to nurture Future Learners, Future Citizens and Future Leaders in Meridian Primary!

Liza Rahmat (Ms)