Building Resilience in Children
and Supporting Them Through Transitions


MOE has developed the following resources to support parents on:

  • build a supportive and caring home environment in supporting their children through transitions; and
  • nurture the social and emotional skills that build up the resilience in their children

1) Building Resilience in Your Child

  • Outline
  • Qualities of a child who shows resilience
  • Resilience-fostering interactions
  • Recognise common stress symptoms in your child
  • Tips to guide your child in:
    • developing a sense of purpose
    • setting goals
    • problem solving
    • building character strengths
    • developing positive thinking
    • building positive social skills
    • building “emotional strengths”

2) Supporting your Child’s Transition

  • Primary 1
  • Primary 5 or 6
  • Secondary school
  • Upper secondary