Mother Tongue Department


Mother Tongue Language – A Living Language


The department aims to:

  • develop students into proficient language users who can communicate in a confident and effective way in real life situations
  • gain a better understanding and appreciation of our diverse cultural background
  • develop a love for the language


We adopt the REACH approach to engage our learners:

  • Rich resources and Relevant content
  • Effective strategies for teaching and learning
  • Authentic learning activities
  • Culture and values
  • Holistic assessment

MTL Framework

Key Programmes

1.   Festive Learning Journeys and Celebrations

In line with our School Motto of “To learn, To Love, To lead”, Festive celebration in Meridian is an event where students are actively involved in the planning and implementation. Learning Journey are carefully planned so that students can learn and appreciate about the culture of others; while CCE and Language student leaders are given the opportunity to enhance their leadership and language skills by taking the lead in the Learning Journey.  Platforms are also created for P4 to P6 students to take the lead in planning for actual day celebration and conducting the activities they plan with different levels.

2.   Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Fortnight

MTL Fortnight is conducted on a yearly basis to with the objective of providing students’ with different platforms to learn and gain better understanding and appreciation of our diverse cultural background and develop a love for the language.

3.    Reading Programme

Reading is important to enhance language skill.  We carry out a series of reading activities to encourage and cultivate the passion and habit of reading storybooks in our students.

4.   Conversational Chinese-Malay (CCM)

The Conversational Chinese-Malay programme (CCM) is introduced as an enrichment programme for non-Chinese and non-Malay students who are interested in learning Chinese or Malay language and culture. Communication through languages enhances social interaction. Learning Conversational Chinese-Malay would provide these students with the facility to communicate with native speakers, and to better understand and appreciate Chinese and Malay culture and values. It will also help students to enhance their rapport with their Chinese and Malay-speaking friends.  The CCM programme is non-examinable.


MT4MTL Fortnight language games supported by the PSG
MT1Appreciation of Tea culture
MT3Enjoying Indian cuisine for LJ to Little India
MT5Story telling session by our Parent Volunteers
MT2At a Learning Journey
 CPES 1Students attending “Wizard of Oz” musical at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre. The educational play explores key themes of friendship, courage, love and teamwork, and inspires them to pursue their dreams with perseverance


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